Scripture Union

Scripture Union is Uganda’s nation-wide Bible club in schools (it’s actually in other countries as well).

This week some young adults in my community are moving around this region to visit schools on behalf of Scripture Union (SU).

Since I’m friends with some of these people, I ended up joining in on the programs for part of this week.

We visited both primary and secondary schools as we drove around the southwestern part of Uganda.  We sang songs, played little games, shared from God’s Word, gave testimonies, and invited students to a conference later this year.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done that, and I enjoyed the opportunities to share God’s truth and love with hundreds of students.

Sometimes such events require my inner-crazy to come out.  You know, whatever it takes to connect with an audience and pave a way for hearts to be ready to receive the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.



High-Fives for everyone!





Looking into the office, eagerly anticipating what we would do!


Even the back row was dancing with me and my song.



The teachers joined in!



Praying for a young man who just gave his life to Jesus.


I like to recruit students to sing with me–this is the only school that had boys volunteer.



Making Melodies



Look at their faces–they can’t believe this Mzungu is so crazy!  I think the choir leader (closest too me) was in shock, & unable to participate.



Meeting the students who had just accepted Jesus as their Savior.


3 thoughts on “Scripture Union

    • I was in Kishanje one day, but not Kisoro. Another day we went to Katuna (the border of Rwanda) and further beyond there, deep in the mountains. The third day I joined the group we went to Muhanga (between Ntungamo and Kabale).


  1. Lisa: Twas a joy to read of your experience with the children via Scripture Union. God bless you as He pours Himself into those around you, through you! PTL for salvations! Grace n peace, :)Dave Philippians 4:13


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