Sandy Roots

“…I go to the beach and dig my feet into the sand, feeling the graininess, remembering that this is the place my feet are at, the place I get to love for now. And I watch those waves come in and out, in and out…”
This excerpt from a blog I’ve read, really spoke to me.
I like the image of planting/rooting my feet in sand. It may seem foolish…but I’m not talking about the parable Jesus told. I am talking about the idea of allowing myself to be rooted where I am. To be fully invested, even if I know it is temporary. The truth is anywhere we go on this earth is just temporary.  This is not our home.
Yet somehow, I struggle to keep this in my mind sometimes.  The need to put in roots and fully invest where I am can sometimes be difficult if I have in my mind that it is temporary.
I have realized that it is difficult for me to just enjoy the moment sometimes because I am too often looking beyond to the long-term.  I’ve observed it in myself in simple things like choosing to buy a simple treat of mangoes for the children at a random time or as complex as investing in friendships if I have doubts about their longevity.
The blog opened my mind and took it a different direction…
I need to be a bit more relaxed in my thinking about the things in the distance that I may not be able to see very clearly.  Instead, I need to let my feet sink into the shifting sands I find myself in.  I need to enjoy and take part in what is surrounding me, regardless of how long it will take for the natural ebb and flow of the tide to wash the sand away and force me to make a change.
I’m praying for God to guide me in this. To help me embrace the moments more frequently instead of always subconsciously analyzing the value of my investment of time, effort, etc.  I want to really be more intentional about making the journey meaningful and enjoyable, just as much as the destination I’m headed to (or hoping for).
This goes against various aspects of my personality, but I believe it is good and right.
Here I go, doing more than dipping my toes in the gritty sand, but pushing them deep.  Digging my feet down into it.  Allowing the thickness to go beyond my ankles….

Any thoughts?

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