The Shepherd Centre

My first time in Uganda I met a young man named Patrick. He has a heart for The Lord, and for children. Since first meeting him, he has been able to live out his dream: open a home for street children. Largely because of his own experience as a boy, he has taken in 22 boys, rescuing them from the streets of a town called Kabale. They are now well taken care of and attending school. They have recently begun raising hundreds of chickens, which should begin laying eggs soon, as a source of food and income. Of course they have the struggles of any home filled with so many growing boys…wait, how many homes do you know with so many boys?!? But you can imagine the activity and even financial strain!
If you are interested in learning more about Patrick and this amazing ministry that God has give him, check out the Shepherd Centre website.

Take a look at some pictures I snapped when I visited a couple weeks ago. (If you are wondering why no young boys are in the pictures, they were at school when I stopped for a visit.)









1 thought on “The Shepherd Centre

  1. it’s been so nice reading your newsletter. you write so beautifully and very moving. it is truly thrilling to see how you’ve touched the lives of so many. may the GOOD LORD bless you and keep you in HIS care.


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