Becoming the RA I never was



Today the ten girls arrive.
I incorrectly expected them to reach here around noon or after since they are traveling from all over the country.
So, while I was washing my laundry outside, the first girl arrived. She happened to be the only I have already met…and as soon as she dropped her bags in her room, she started to help me finish washing my clothes!
There is an African saying here that says a woman is never a visitor. So, she proved that right! Before she even got settled in her new home, she was working!
So far three of our girls are already here, and making themselves at home as they wait for the rest of their sisters to arrive. Meanwhile, the children at the school on our property are very intrigued as they watching so many young women around after years of this being a house for young men. The older girls are certainly excited!
Okay…back to work!
Thanks for your prayers as we become a new family and expectantly wait to see how God transforms all of our lives.

2 thoughts on “Becoming the RA I never was

  1. Looks great! Where’s the LISA sign?

    A prayer request from here….

    Jim & Linda were riding home from the Corn Boil on their motorcycle last night, and a car turned in front of / into them. Unsure exactly. It was at the corner of Maple & Main, I think. Linda called at 3am & asked Keith to come to Mercy to see them. They are “OK.” Linda probably has a broken foot. And some bruised ribs. Not sure exactly how Jim is doing – but he’s OK. PTL!!!! I HATE motorcycles! (I had a cousin die on one when I was little.)

    So please keep them in your prayers as they recover & heal.



  2. ENJOY!! WE will be excited to hear all that GOD will teach each of you!! Kind of stating your Plano class the first year.


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