Let Me Count The Ways

As I practice counting in Runyankore, I thought I should let you know some things I like about living here:

Emwe (1) The perfect weather (low of 60 at night, high of 80 during the day).
Ibiri (2) Fresh fruit (pineapple, mangoes, passion fruit, etc.).
Ishatu (3) Teaching students who want to learn.
Ina (4) Living with young women excited to grow in their faith and knowledge of the Bible.
Itaano (5) Working with, and living near good friends.
Mukaaga (6) Avocados.
Mushanju (7) Wearing sandals all the time.
Munaana (8) Frequent times of worship (spontaneous and planned).
Mwenda (9) Good Internet reception.
Ikumi (10) Living on the same property with young children who need an extra adult to love on them.

When I memorize other numbers, I might expand my list!

Any thoughts?

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