You know you’ve been in Uganda for awhile when…

So, as I’ve made a brief trip home to the states, I’ve realized some evidence that I’ve been living in Uganda for awhile now.

1. When the meal was given to us in the plane, I looked over the many items included on the tray, and my eyes lit up when I saw the “digestive biscuits.”
2. Whenever I see someone wearing shorts or a short skirt (above the knees) I get a bit disturbed.
3. The word “disturbed” is the only word that seems to accurately describe my reaction to number two, above.
4. I was constantly finding myself walking on the left side, causing some crowd confusion in the airport.
5. I have accidentally driven on the left side of the road.
6. Every time I turn on a faucet to wash my hands and hot water comes out, I get a little bit surprised.
7. I get overwhelmed with giant menus.
8. After washing some clothes, I was trying to figure out what “that smell” was…it was fabric softener.
9. In the midst of conversation I realize my attempts to communicate by moving my eyebrows or saying “mmmm” isn’t as effective as actual words.

**Ironic reality: The Internet at my house in Uganda is more reliable than the Internet at my parents’ house.**

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