Wilberforce Mujurizi, or just Wilber, has become one of my good friends since living in Uganda.

For over two years, he has worked for Juna Amagara Ministries in Mbarara as the security guard. He watches over the compound that includes the ABIDE house, the children’s home, and the primary school.
But I usually tell people he is working undercover as a security guard…
What I mean is, he is so much more than that! He knows and loves the children at the home and school, and is a quick friend to the ABIDE students. He really functions as a social worker for all the kids around. They love and trust him, and share freely with him about their lives. He is a good mentor to them, and even leads some Bible studies at times. He is devoted to living his life for Christ. Not to mention he is full of hidden talents! (Here are some skills I’ve discovered about Wilber so far: keyboard player, electrician, cook, tailor, etc.)

As we became friends, he told me he wanted to go back to school. Since he is 26, I assumed he meant university. He meant high school. Here high school is six years, but would be like 7th-12th grades in America. He told me he was in his third year (like his freshman year), but his father, who is a drunkard, stopped paying his school fees, so he had to quit attending. He never returned. Wilber is a very intelligent young men, and assures me he never had trouble academically in school. (I mean, I already noted some of his many talents!) After a long time of bitterness from this lost opportunity, he eventually went to his father and forgave him for his neglect.
Over the past few years, Wilber has usually sent a portion of his already-small salary to his mother. His father is still a drunkard, so he is not too helpful/reliable in taking care of his wife. This is one reason Wilber hasn’t pursued going back to school, knowing he wouldn’t be able to help her anymore.
Well, last fall, with a little encouragement, Wilber decided to pursue going back to school. He was pleasantly surprised to hear his mother agreeing with his decision, and encouraging him to do it. Because of some aspects of Ugandan education, Wilber will not be able to begin where he left off several years ago. Instead, he has to go back to the beginning of high school, meaning the equivalent of 7th grade. Imagine being 26 and going to school with students as young as 12! It is not an any decision, but he knows if he doesn’t do it now, he may never do it.

After building up a relationship with JAM as his employer, he has decided to go to their high school in the village of Kishanje, where I have visited several times. Thankfully, he has found a place to stay so that he doesn’t have to stay in the dorms with young students…including some who he has been taking care of.
In all of this, Wilber is trusting God to make a way for him financially. It will take about $35/month to pay for his housing, school fees, etc. he had hoped he would be able to find work somewhere as he goes back to school…but he was advised not to, as well as told opportunities would be hard to find. Would you be willing to sponsor my friend Wilber so he can go back to school? I can’t even begin to describe how much it would mean to him and what a blessing it would be to his life. Please email me at golisaobrien@gmail.com if you are interested, or would like more information.


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