The Boys House

So we are currently running two ABIDE houses.

One is in Mbarara, the town I live in.  It has 12 female students.


The other house is in a town called Kabale, about a 2 1/2 hour drive southwest.  That house has 18 male students.


Of course I am usually with the girls, as I am the Acting Mbarara House Administrator for this program.  Yet, sometimes I have the responsibility-honor-privelege, to visit the boys house.

When I go, my main responsibility is to teach the Gospel of John course that we have on Wednesday mornings.  My visit may also involve teaching something else, meeting with staff, bringing resources from the Mbarara House, etc.

Of course I also enjoy the warm greetings of the students and staff who are happy to see me after a long time between interactions.  Not to mention, I have the duty to exchange many greetings from one house to another.

You see, our very first week of ABIDE, which was an orientation week, we had our activities with both houses together.  It was a good time of bonding together.  We truly became one family in those few days, so it is not always easy leaving those young men and the Kabale staff.

As a result, when I am in the Kabale House, I feel torn.  Part of me loves being with them, and I go away wishing I had more time to spend with them.  At the same time, the other part of me wants to get back to my girls.

This week I went to Kabale and my coworker took some pictures when I was teaching…I didn’t realize I could be so dramatic when I’m instructing my students!  But what I can see on my face is what I feel in my heart:  I really enjoy teaching (especially The Gospel of

John & Veritas [Bible interpretation]).  See if you can see that enjoyment in these few pictures.  (Although the students seem to be intent on their books, so I don’t know if they missed my dramatic lecturing or not…)




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