Rain or Shine

So, I’ve never been much of a Garage Sale shopper.  Yet, somehow I’ve become a frequent Garage Sale organizer.

When I decided to pursue returning to Uganda, one thing I knew I would need to do was sell many of my things here in America.  So, Garage Sale it was.  Not only did I sell my stuff, but several generous families donated great items for me to sell as well.

Driveway FurnitureSideview

My brother and sister-in-law graciously let me have it at their house…which meant weeks of collecting, organizing, and pricing the merchandise.  The garage was stuffed, the basement piled high, and things had even leaked into the dining room.

Then it rained.


The first of the three-day sale was filled with rain, despite the forecast of a 20% chance of precipitation.  But the crazy thing was all the die-hard shoppers that kept pouring into the driveway and spending their money on treasures they discovered under tarps, sheltered by tents, and tucked away in boxes.

The next day we didn’t have rain…but we had intense humidity.  This time the tents were an attempt to create some shade for all of our customers.

Day three: God blessed us with perfect weather.  Dry, sunny, not too hot…and busy!

God really blessed our efforts to raise some money towards my return to Uganda.  I am so thankful for the friends and family that helped pull things outside, set it up, sell, and pack it all back in again three days in a row.

Selfie with Kendra

Several customers had encouraging words and even blessings to pass along.  When people realized what the sale was all about, some paid the original price even though they’d bargained with me, or told me to keep the change.  Some asked questions about why in the world I would want to move to Africa.  I even had one person drop off some donations that were in her car that she was planning to drop off at Goodwill.

Now I’m still working on cleaning up the leftovers!

May God receive all the glory for every aspect of the sale!

Garage Sale Sign

2 thoughts on “Rain or Shine

  1. Lisa: Exciting to read your report of how God moved at the sale – and before. I presume that was your brother Kevin? Sorry I didn’t know it was going on – I must have missed an email or something.

    I look forward to connecting with you later this fall. So glad for those who are coming alongside you in this process! The next few weeks are packed with some long term prayer & planning as well as prep for Sep 20 10-year Celebration of Come To Life Ministries. Grace n peace, :)Dave


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