A Whole New World

Random list of things that happen here that probably would never happen in America:

1. Standing in line at a bank for about 1 hour and 20 minutes.  (And a random person in the next line inciting a debate among others in line after trying to convince you that you should be able to skip to the beginning of the line, but you refuse.)

2.  Having young chickens repeatedly enter your place of work throughout the day.

3.  Washing ziplock bags in order to reuse them.

4.  Having someone repair your broken sandal on your walk home.

5.  Choosing your motorcycle taxi driver according to whether or not he will now where to go when you simply say, “I’m going home.”

6.  Turnin on a water heater in the bathroom before showering…or heating water in the kitchen and pouring it into a basin.

7.  Children requesting cold, leftover rice from supper for their breakfast the next day.

8.  Calling someone when you are in town and see that it is about to rain, to see if they can bring your laundry inside from the line.

9.  Visitors requesting that they pray with/for you before leaving your house.

10.  Polishing shoes.

4 thoughts on “A Whole New World

  1. Thanks Lisa for these reminders that can be taken for granted here! praying 4 u there, :)Dave PS Tim Friesema had me speak Sunday AM to his small group at VBC – reminded me to pray for you – glad for our memories with past worship teams, etc. and glad for your ongoing connection with VBC.


  2. Lisa: “…wherever you go” – reminds me of the song we used to sing in Frontline… (“Where do I go…”)!! :)Dave


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