Dishes, Lesson #2

In case you missed it, I’ve started a little series on lessons from the everyday task of washing dishes.  Click here to take a look at Lesson #1.

So, as you read in the previous post, I have a particular method of washing dishes.

But sometimes the children wash dishes. (Or even friends who visit…bless their kind hearts.)


When the children do it, they certainly do not follow my routine.

Especially when I have to divide the dirty things into two piles resembling equal work.

Part of me sees it and screams inside.  But the part that wins, is the part that let’s them do their work with little interference (sometimes none at all!).  I have to trust them with the job.  I’ve tried teaching my strategies, but they rarely stick.

And the truth is, it works out.  They aren’t stacked the proper way.  But it’s fine.

They don’t always come out totally clean, but I can just wash it again myself.  (Or if the child is still present, have him rewash it.)

Eventually they will dry…or I could actually use a dish towel to wipe them dry if it is totally necessary.

It’s really ok.  Even if it isn’t done my way.

And you know what….God doesn’t always do things my way.  I mean, really, when does He do things the way I have in my mind?

But it always works out fine.  More than fine really.  It’s always the best.  But it doesn’t always feel like the best in the process.  Sometimes I’m screaming inside (or even outside) about how I think life should go.  But I need to let the other side of me win.  I need to trust God with the job.

During the process, or maybe not until the end, I am able to see that God’s way really was the best way.

Maybe some day the boys will teach me a new method of washing dishes that is even better than my routine.

But really, I think I’ve got the metaphor a bit mixed up.

God is the one with the perfect plan for my life.

I’m the one going about it in what probably looks like a crazy, illogical method.  For some reason I do not always stick to His strategies, as outlined in His Word.

But in His sovereignty, it works out.  When I mess things up, He has the ability to rewash them, or use the towel to wipe them up.

It will all work out just fine.

Better than fine.

The best.

Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.  Proverbs 19:21


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