Missions Conference 2013

I put together a table for our Uganda Short-Term Mission Trip this summer, and for my own mission endeavors to Uganda…It was kind of a combo-package.  The night was primarily designed for the AWANA students to walk through, so I got a little crafty.  In college my friends who were elementary education majors realized I had a little craftiness in me.  When they were working on projects, sometimes they would come to me, saying that I had an elementary teacher hidden inside of me, and they would try to access it.  I distinctly remember one time I created a penny out of a full sheet of construction paper…drawing Lincoln’s profile freehand…that artistic talent has yet to reappear.  Meanwhile, here is what I came up with for the Missions Conference that I heard one child refer to as a game.  (Go slowly and try not to cheat…I tend to trick people on the animal question.)


Any thoughts?

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