Unexpected Blessing

Just a few days after my first newsletter went out in January, a friend of mine at work asked if I’d be interested in speaking at his church.  I was surprised to be approached by another church; I mean, as far as I can tell, missionaries usually seek out churches, not the other way around.  After a few quick conversations in the hallways between classes, he gave me more a few more details, and I made a few plans.

Last Sunday I was able to share with this church during the Sunday morning service.  After having to totally recreate my presentation as a result of exporting issues the day before, and doing a little troubleshooting once I arrived at the church, this congregation was the first group of people to view a video that a friend of mine helped me put together that explains a little more about what I’ll be doing in Uganda.  The congregation was really supportive, and a deacon even took time in the service to pray not only for me, but for others in the pews who work in schools.  I enjoyed answering questions and showing a few of my favorite items from Uganda to kids and adults alike.  As I headed to my table in the back as the service was finishing up, the pastor asked someone to put an offering plate on my table.  What a blessing for these brothers and sisters in Christ to be so generous after just meeting me!  I was so encouraged to have this gift take me to 82% of my support.  Mukama Asiimwe!  (Praise God!)

Take a look…

2 thoughts on “Unexpected Blessing

  1. we were delighted to have you. you video was absolutely fabulous and i pray your journey is filled with miracles and blessings. it was my pleasure to meet you.


  2. We were glad to have helped you in a small way. We will be praying for you as God uses you this next year. Video was wonderful.


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