A few pictures from our travels and arrival

We brought about a bazillion flip flops for children. I’ve been having quite a bit of practice exercises the packing skills I’ve developed over the years.

My dad helped the team pack that van tight with luggage!

My last Americ…errrrr…Chinese (?) meal from the airport was some Kung Pao chicken.

I enjoyed a window seat on the first flight. Every time, flying above the clouds seems somehow miraculous to me!



In Amsterdam we used up our layover with devotion time (we are reading through the book of John as a team), using limited wifi, and walking across the airport to find the Starbucks that I KNEW was there.

We finally arrived…

And we enjoyed a nice hotel along the shores of Lake Victoria.

(I’m spoiling you with pictures because I know I can while I’m in Kampala, but don’t know how well it will work in other places.)

Any thoughts?

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