So it begins…

(I tried topmost this in Amsterdam, but ran out of Internet time…)

So, it’s official.
I’ve packed up my house and moved out after five years of calling it home.
I’ve weighed suitcases about a zillion times.
I met the team at the church, along with a few others to send us off (including my parents and brother Eric).
I had assistance putting together last-minute administrative details.
The van was loaded with all the luggage with just enough room for the six of us and a driver.
Kendra (my friend who drove us) and I couldn’t see or hear the other four on the ride to the airport, but they were back there somewhere!
Checking in was a little chaotic, but we made it through.
The flight to Amsterdam went smoothly, and I did sleep a little.
Now we are enjoying wifi at the airport, and will soon take our second 8 hourish flight.
I didn’t get my “final” Starbucks at O’Hare, so I decided to try to find one here in Holland. Looking at pictures from a long layover back in 2010, I saw a Starbucks cup, so I knew it was here. I walked across the airport and got my last chocolate frappacino for the year.
The only major decision I have left to make before boarding is whether or not I want to pay $6 for some McDonald’s fries…

Any thoughts?

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