Today we were discussing the Computer Skills course for the upcoming program, and we couldn’t help but recognize the obvious shortage of computers…how are we going to expect 10 girls to master, let alone practice, typing and basic computer navigation if we only have a couple available? So, I thought I’d just “throw it out there” and see what God does. If you have a used laptop you are replacing, would you consider sending it to Uganda?
Our needs are very basic. We plan to teach them basic typing (downloading a typing game, that doesn’t require Internet to actually play, would be an amazing gift!), how to operate Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint (so these programs would need to installed), how to use the Internet for various purposes, etc. Some students will have some prior knowledge/experience, while it is possible that some have never touched one!
Some other missionaries in the area have Americans coming to serve soon, so if you are willing/able to make a donation like this, we will try to connect you with them. Just send me an email at with thoughts or questions,and we can go from there.
Thanks in advance!

Any thoughts?

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