Last Sunday was the graduation for ABIDE 2013. Well, I guess it now needs to be distinguished as the Boys ABIDE.
It was fun to see so many alumni of the previous five years come to town throughout the weekend and join the celebration.
Though the 20 graduates were full of joy at all they had learned and accomplished the past six months, it was bittersweet as well. They have become brothers, and now they have separated and gone back home to various parts of the country. Some even left right after the ceremony. So many emotions were flying around that day!
Now, this week has been focused on getting the house cleaned up and ready for the girls program to start. We have hand washed tons of curtains, sheets, seat cushions, and more. We’ve scrubbed floors, walls, & bathrooms too. It’s been great to have people willing to help get all the work done so quickly! (We were a little nervous that we didn’t plan enough days for it!)
Soon I will be moving into the ABIDE house, with the students coming on July 29. It’s getting closer and closer!
Please be praying for the staff as we make some decisions about final details and get ready for the students’ arrival.
Enjoy some pictures of the last week too!

I’m struggling to put captions, so I was just give a short description of the pictures:

Graduates Leading Worship During the Church Service
Pius Preaching & Samuel Translating into the Local Language (Runyankole)
Alumni Singing & Dancing Together
Juna Amagara Children Song
Joseph, One of the Proud Graduates, and a Former Student in the JAM Program
Smiling with Dustin, an ABIDE Graduate









2 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. Cool!

    Thanks for the update and the photos 🙂

    _________________ Keith Duff Elder/Executive Pastor Village Bible Church Aurora | Indian Creek | Sugar Grove | Illinois


  2. I love following along with your work for the Lord. It helps me to know how better to pray for you. Praying it all comes together as the girls move into the ABIDE house and wisdom on all the final details. Remember us as we have VBS starting on Monday.


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