Webare Munonga

Webare Munonga! [way-bah-lay moo-nōn-gah] = Thank you very much!

Since it is Thanksgiving week, even though it feels more like a really rainy June, I figured I should dedicate this blog post to being thankful. But before making my list, I want to clarify that my gratitude isn’t simply an emotion, but specifically directed towards the One who provides all things for me (and all of you too!).

So, off the top of my head (meaning not in any particular order), I am thankful for:

1. My health. I’ve never really had any serious health issues all my life, and not at all so far since being in Uganda. I realize that is a rare blessing, yet I often take it for granted.
2. All of my family and friends who have been so supportive of my journey here in Uganda through prayer, finances, and many other ways. (Ok, and in my life in general before this too!)
3. The existence of the ABIDE program, and the vision God gave Matt Kehn in developing it. It is really an incredible discipleship and evangelism program that we hope to see God continue to grow (as in quality) and expand (as in quantity).
4. My amazing Ugandan friends that really make me feel like I’m at home.
5. The opportunity to learn, live, and grow with Dorcus, Evelyne, Promise, Scovia, Alice, Joy, Monica, Hildah, and Barbrah over these last few months.
6. The privilege of being a part of the next ABIDE program, starting in January.
7. The blessing of God choosing to use me to be a part of this unique season in ABIDE.
8. Days that the sun shines long enough to dry my clothes, and get them inside without getting an extra rinse by the rain.
9. Rainwater being clean so that when I don’t get my clothes off the line, I don’t need to rewash them.
10. Electricity (when it is on…).
11. Two little twin boys who God has called me to love in an extra-special way for these months. (Recently we have been reading a Bible story, praying, and brushing teeth together most evenings. Even though they don’t understand much of it, they still look forward to it every day!)
12. All the other precious children (whether super sweet, or rough around the edges) who call me Aunt Lisa.
13. A friend and church member who has recently started a store in Dekalb to help raise money for ministries (including Juna Amagara Ministries, who I work for) all around the world. She is selling a variety of things, many of them handcrafts, including jewelry made by my students! http://rescued4life.wix.com/sozomarket
14. One of my best friends from America is coming to visit me soon!
15. Passion fruit juice.
16. Internet access.
17. Ugandan education being in English.
18. My brother sending me home for his wedding, and the other opportunities to see people I was able to cram into those two weeks.
19. Tea.
20. Above all, the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, and the gift of the Holy Spirit as my comforter and counselor as I continue on my journey through this world.

I will stop there.

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