Graduation Week

As we head into our final week with these students, we are starting with a day of fasting and prayer.
Would you join us?
Here are some things we are praying for:

Focus on relationships over programs in these last days together.
Exams (students on Thursday morning, as well as two staff members taking exams at their universities this week)
United staff with good communication
Current students (and alumni): continued transformation in Christian faith, character, and leadership & guidance/provision for where God is taking them next
2014 students and program that begin in January
Financial provision for all the expenses this week (including graduation) as well as next year.
Kehn family (Director) as they wait for legal guardianship to be granted for their daughter Rachael (next court date is Wednesday morning) and prepare for their year of sabbatical beginning in January.

Thanks for your partnership in prayer!

Any thoughts?

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