Here it is…

It is hard to believe, but it has arrived: Graduation Week.

today the girls are busy braiding their hair, buying dresses, etc.

I have a to-do list of preparing review lessons and buying last-minute things.

We are praying for our students as they leave us and go on to serve God wherever He takes them.

We are praying that God provides the funds to cover expenses for the graduation on Sunday.

The staff is also preparing for the students who arrive in January. We are hoping for a house of 12 girls and another house of 24 boys. Those numbers were feeling intimidating to me until yesterday. We had a time of fasting and praying and one of the staff members, Kenneth, mentioned something to bring me back to reality. He reminded us that though He has been using us in the process, it is God himself who has chosen the students to be in the ABIDE program, so we must trust that He will provide all we need (finances, resources, staff, unity, effectiveness, etc.).

Here I go, ready to attack my list…

Any thoughts?

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