One Week In

So, I’ve been back in the country (USA that is) for a week now.

Here are some of my simple observations from the past week:

1.  Everything is so SOFT!  Carpet, towels, couch, bed, pillows…etc.

2.  Light switches are much lower than in Uganda, and it will take me awhile to remember that when entering a room and my hand is hunting for it.

3.  When approaching a vehicle, I need to remember that the driver sits on the left side of the car, not the right.  So far I’ve done okay keeping to the correct side of the road when in the car, it’s just walking to the car when I get mixed up sometimes.

4.  My cell phone doesn’t have a flashlight.  That is really a convenient feature of my Ugandan phone that I will miss significantly.

5.  Netflix and Pandora…I missed them.

6.  Air Conditioning causes me to wear a sweatshirt.  Brrrrr!

7.  The sun rises really early here…I’m used to daylight from 7am-7pm.  It’s kinda messing up my ability to know what time it is according to the sun.

8.  We Americans drive really long distances for basic daily activities.

Well…that is what I have for now…I’m sure the list will grow in the coming weeks.

2 thoughts on “One Week In

  1. amazing what we take for granted! i hear you on the “driving long distances” i got me a new car on the 4th of JUNE and i’ve already got over 1,000 miles on it…. and that’s just LOCAL driving! anyway, glad you’re home safe and sound. 🙂


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