26 students graduated from ABIDE last week. It was a busy day, but beautiful. The weather was beautiful, but the event was altogether beautiful as well. Many people were involved in working hard for the event. Friends and family of ABIDE traveled from near and far to celebrate with us. As staff, we were so proud of our students. If you were there, I think you could really see the joy in our faces! By God’s grace, we have really seen transformation in Christian faith, character, and leadership in all of them. May God continue to bless our efforts to serve Him in this way. May the graduates continue to grow, regardless of where God has taken them for this next season of their lives.
Thanks for all of you who have played a role in supporting me and/or ABIDE in order to make all of this possible!
I don’t really have too many pictures…but here are a few that I do have…











Any thoughts?

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