You Know You Are Becoming Ugandan When…

You know you are becoming Ugandan when:

1.  You find yourself eating supper after 8:00pm.

2.  You drink tea and feel like it isn’t really tea unless you are eating something with it.

3.  You wait for the market day before you even consider buying any clothing or household linen.

4.  You prefer matoke (cooked & mashed unripe bananas) over rice.

5.  It doesn’t feel right to have someone leave your house without walking them to the gate, road, etc.  (also known as giving someone a push)

6.  It’s really hot out but you don’t even think about buying ice cream.

7.  You communicate with others by how you move your head, eyebrows, etc., as well as various sounds that don’t require opening your mouth.

8.  You carry a handkerchief in your purse.

9.  You can’t imagine daily life without basins.

10. You don’t think twice about getting on a boda (motorcycle) with two other people…plus the driver.

Any thoughts?

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