Every Friday, after lunch the staff members meet with one or two students, one at a time.  We are given the names earlier in the week by the House Administrator.

During this time we are checking in with the student, getting to know them more, seeing how we can help them, offering advice, etc.

From 2:00-3:00pm you can find people set up in different places: in the classroom, in the sitting room, or (my favorite) under a tree.  Okay…sometimes we are extremely talkative and don’t finish until after 4:00…oops!

Last Friday as I was meeting with my first student, I ended our time by asking if she had any questions for me.  She said, I’m trying to understand.  I came here and I didn’t have to pay school fees or anything, yet everything is provided!  We have what we need, there is enough food…But I’m wondering, sincerely, how do you people do it?

I smiled.  I love this question.

You see, it is through faith and prayer.  We don’t want finances to be a reason someone is not able to join ABIDE.  So we seriously pray for God to provide everything we need.  And sometimes it isn’t easy, and money can be very tight.  Yet, He always provides.  As staff, we believe that this is God’s ministry and He has called us to it.  And we are confident that if God has called us to it, then He will make a way!

You may remember when I began support raising in July 2014, I had two goals: one for my personal expenses, and another for ABIDE ministry expenses.  God has been so faithful and a true provider, in less than six months, raising all the money that I need for my personal expenses while in Uganda.  Over all, with my joint goal, I am sitting at 52% of the goals met.

Thank you so much for everyone who has invested in the ABIDE ministry!

Support Raising 52%

Please send me an email if you would like more information about joining the team.  Or visit the donate page of this website.

Any thoughts?

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