A Second Look

I was looking through pictures from the ABIDE graduation last night, and I noticed something.

I have many pictures that aren’t really usable for things like newsletters.

But I still love them.  I love them because of what they display.

This year graduation was on a Saturday instead of Sunday.  We ended up finishing the program earlier in the day than typically has been done in the past.  This led to plenty of time for people to sit (or stand) around the compound and just enjoy chatting with each other.  Staff, students, alumni, guests…it was a sweet time.

Someone had my camera and was capturing what could be termed as a family reunion.

Though these are pictures I normally wouldn’t post, I wanted to share them so you can simply the see the joy of so many people just catching up on each other’s lives and enjoying each others’ presence.  It was a sweet time.

IMG_2799 IMG_2802 IMG_2808 IMG_2886 IMG_2891 IMG_2909 IMG_2915 IMG_2927 IMG_2933 IMG_2948 IMG_2951 IMG_2983 IMG_3000 IMG_2980 IMG_2939 IMG_2926 IMG_2954

Any thoughts?

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