It’s That Time Of Year Again

I’m not talking about hot soups for supper, Christmas socks (for those that don’t need to wait for Thanksgiving to come first), holiday gatherings….

I’m talking about essennenne…or more commonly known as grasshoppers.

Today I did something that not too long ago I never would have imagined being something I’d consider.

I was in the market, buying some usual things: flour, sugar, passion fruit, eggs, bananas…

As I put the bananas in my shopping bag, I noticed a couple of ladies behind me ripping off the legs and wings of grasshoppers.

I asked them how much for a plastic cup full. After a some negotiating, I paid a little over a dollar for what is equivalent to approximately 2 1/2 cups of squirming insects that were otherwise immobile. They were dumped into a plastic bag, I tied it up to secure no “runaways,” and was on my way to buy some eggs.

Once I got home, I had a friend teach me how to roast them. She advised adding some onion after they are almost ready…I agreed that it was a good addition.

I’m sure the boys are going to be so excited for today’s after-school snack!

For now, let me go wash some antennae out of my frying pan…






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