ABIDE 2016 Graduation according to my not-so-photogenic moments

So…I am the kind of person that has a picture taken and does NOT check to see if it is good before moving on to the next thing.

I don’t know, maybe since I grew up in the days of film, I just have never overcome the foundational view of pictures that I’d have to wait awhile–potentially weeks or months–before actually seeing the picture.

But do you realize that when you look at a picture, you may think that you look ridiculous, but others don’t even notice?  (Of course, that makes me wonder if I just always look ridiculous.  I mean, is crazy-face my normal?)  Because sincerely, I’ve noticed that people regularly post pictures of me in which I’m doing weird things with my facial expressions–and I seem to be the only one to notice.

For graduation this year, an alumnus took on the job of using my camera as my photographer for the day.  (Thank you Alex!)  As expected, many of my not-so-photogenic moments were captured.  And since I tend to think it is funny rather than embarrassing, I thought I’d let you in on the laughs…


(I’ll post a better representation of the day sometime in the near future…)



Look very carefully and you can find my finger…I wasn’t quite tall enough to get into this one, though I tried!

IMG_7848IMG_7878IMG_7948IMG_8013IMG_8059Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 7.10.30 AM

2 thoughts on “ABIDE 2016 Graduation according to my not-so-photogenic moments

  1. Great variety of pictures Lisa! God bless you as you pour Jesus into those around you! Grace n peace, :)Dave Psalm 16:8


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