Ministry in the Village

During the ABIDE 2016 program, the busyness of life led to me accidentally neglecting my blog.  I realized that I have posted basically nothing about this year!  So, though the students have already graduated, I’m planning to retrospectively post some pictures and stories of this year’s program.

One major component of the discipleship program is having the students lead ministry outreaches in their home villages.

Usually we have several students from Kishanje, the village where Juna Amagara Ministries has its biggest carepoint.  Because of this, we devote a few days to being in the community, ministering to schools, visiting students’ homes, etc.  It’s always a blessing to be used by God in this village (and the neighboring ones).

Here’s a glimpse at our time there last spring…


Samantha and Edson on the board ride to the village


Some students were a little nervous about their first experience on a boat!


Kenneth was super excited to come ashore and start a lengthy hike before reaching our destination.


One of my boys who recently moved to this village for high school–getting big smiles from him is rare, and a blessing!


ABIDE staff outside the school’s office, waiting for the program to be finalized.


David, preaching to his former classmates.


Singing about how God is fighting for us.


We (my sponsor child and I) took some staff and students to our home to meet our family, enjoy a meal, and have some fellowship.


Team huddle during the annual soccer/football match between ABIDE and the high school.


Students get an opportunity to learn how to plan some instruments.


Dancing for the Lord!


Briefly sharing at the village church from 1 Thessalonians 2:8, about investing in peoples’ lives.


Some alumni joined us for the mission and took advantage of opportunities to join in the ministry.


Most of the team had a sweet time of prayer with the Reverend and his wife before we left.  What a blessing it was to have them host us!

Any thoughts?

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