Uganda, here I come!

The many aspects of this adventure…

1.  I requested a one-year leave of absence from my job as a high school teacher.

  • The opportunity to take a leave-of-absence seemed like God’s way of helping me to see that He wants me to go.  Making the dream a reality has been a journey of obedience!

2.  I will co-lead a short-term team from Village Bible Church in June.

  • Like I have now done twice before, I will be a part of a team from my church involved in orphan care & evangelism in Uganda.

3. July – December I will work with the Girls ABIDE pilot.

  • During the pilot program, I plan to live in the ABIDE house with the students, developing God-centered relationships, as we explore what it means to abide in Christ (John 15).

4. January – July I will continue as ABIDE staff.

  • My role during these months will be depend on whether or not a 2nd girls’ ABIDE begins simultaneously as the guys’ program.  Either way, there will be work to be done amongst the staff.

5.  I need to raise $1,500/month

  • During my 13 months in Uganda, my expenses will vary, but they average out to $1,500/month.  I know I don’t have much time to raise this much money, but I am confident that if God wants me to go, He will provide.