Get ready, get set, here THEY come!

Sometimes I’m so busy with everything happening, that I forget I haven’t been blogging!

Well, my main purpose for being here in Uganda is coming to a reality. I have a moved into the ABIDE house and have been making it my home for the next few months. Before the boys graduated and moved out, I was teasing them that we were going to remove the smell of men and replace it with the scent of women. After moving in, lighting scented candles, and putting up air fresheners, the staff that are still around and alumni who have stopped by have realized that I want really joking after all! They are appreciating the sweet smells…especially since scented candles aren’t found here, and really candles are just used when there is no power. It feels good to have my bags unpacked and to be settled (after finding purple sheets and comforter of course.)

This week has been full! We have been having staff meetings–starting with evaluating the boys program that just ended, and transitioning to preparing for the girls program which is about to begin. The time has been both rich and exhausting!

Next Monday the girls will be reporting throughout the day. Then we will go camping on Tuesday and Wednesday to begin our orientation week.

Please be praying for us as we get started!

I will be giving more updates as the girls arrive and we jump into the discipleship program. Stay tuned!



3 thoughts on “Get ready, get set, here THEY come!

  1. Just finished a week of VBS. Not quite as exhausting as the garage sale, but pretty exhausting still.

    Excited for you to start the women’s ABIDE program. Glad you’ve gotten situated in your new home. Scented candles & purple sheets – sounds girly already!

    : )



  2. VBS was awesome! I’m exhausted, too, but probably not as much as Kate is, as I only had to tell stories and make sure to get Dave there for his crew!

    Your room looks like a college dorm, and you are the RA. I’m excited for you! Are you going to bring the scented candles on the camping trip?

    I am praying for you continually and praising God for the way he is using you!


    Deb M.


  3. Been celebrating our anniversary so just got up to see all info from you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. So happy you are well and can be used by GOD to impact others.LOVE MOM AND DAD!!


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