I recently moved.

And I’m sorry to say, but I have not yet been successful in finding a bakery, or brand of bread here that I like as much as I could find in the previous town.

So, for the first time in my life, I became inspired to take a stab at baking my own bread.

After a post to this effect on Facebook, I was highly encouraged to give it a shot. The recommendation from multiple people was the five minute artisan bread.

I found yeast at a little supermarket, bought another mediocre loaf of bread, and a few days later finally did it.
With my computer open on the counter, I got to work.




I wasn’t sure if I had been successful or not. Without a temperature gauge on my oven, and no oven thermometer, I just guess when it comes to baking. I cut the smallest loaf first. It seemed super crunchy on the outside, and potentially not done inside. Of course, it is possible that I was a little too eager and cut it when it was still too warm.





Overall, I think it turned out well. I enjoyed it with a little rhubarb jam that I confiscated from my parents’ home the last time I was there.

And then I had some others taste it.

Well, this type of bread is clearly not something that is appetizing to the Ugandan palette. Young and old are asking if I forgot to put sugar in it.


Looks like I have quite a bit of bread to eat on my own…and that I need to look for more recipes.

4 thoughts on “Bread

  1. You could make French toast! Add some cinnamon for extra flavor.

    At least you tried something new! Sometimes that’s half the battle!

    : )


  2. …and maybe you should find a basic oven thermometer to hang in your oven. They are pretty cheap. Here is one for six bucks at Bed, Bath & Beyond: Of course, you probably don’t have a Bed, Bath & Beyond in your new town! 🙂 Dave


  3. Why is ithe loaves so white on top? How long did you let it rise before shaping into a loaf? Was this a batter recipe or one that you let rise before shaping into a loaf? Did you have fun kneeling the bread? Try finding an oven thermometer if you are going to be serious about baking. Helpful hint!


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