Hard Hearts

Unfortunately, I know many of them.

Boys who have hard hearts.

The initial major factor pulling at my own heart about the twins who have stayed with me for over two years now, was my concern for the condition of their hearts.

I wanted to make sure that they did not become hard-hearted like so many I had seen with similar stories.

I wanted them to know how to give and receive love from people and God.

Today I had one of those special moments that warmed my heart.  One of those moments that I’m sure the little guy won’t remember for very long…maybe not even by the end of the week.

But I will remember.

I will remember the look on his sweet, innocent face.


We had been cleaning the house and listening to music.  The song that just ended was One Thing Remains with a chorus that repeats Your love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me!

We had all been singing along, and as we were heading out the door, I decided to make this a teachable moment.  I’m sure it was Holy Spirit inspired.

Me: Boys, do you love each other?

Both boys: Yes.

Me: But sometimes do you do or say things that are not loving to each other? 

Both boys: Yes.

Me:  Well, this song is talking about how God loves us so much and he always loves us!  He is never like us when we sometimes do and say things that are not loving, even to people that we really do love.  He is always good at loving us! Isn’t that amazing?

Both boys (expressions of acute amazement): Yes!

One boy (with sincerely desire and excitement on his face): Aunt Lisa, I want to love everyone!

I just soaked it up for the split second that it occurred.

God is indeed a God whose love never gives up…these boys are really learning what love is–both giving and receiving.  I’m so humbled that He has chosen to use me as a tool in that learning process for them, and keeping them from forming hard hearts.


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